Our Products : Overview

Our IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ systems provide a complete Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution. IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ are complete end-to-end wireless solutions for reliable monitoring in Food Service, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Transportation applications. IntelliSense™ is used to monitor equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using battery operated wireless sensors. IntelliCheck™ replaces form-based checklists and manual temperature readings of items that require an insertion probe.

The IntelliSense™ network works on the 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi industry standard or the 802.15.4 ZigBee┬« protocol. This self-managing and self-healing sensor network is easily configured for use in small applications (1-10 measurement points in one location) to very large applications (1000+ measurement points in many locations).

IntelliCheck™ is a complete HACCP inspection system designed to automate food temperature data logging and eliminate cumbersome form-based solutions. No more filling out checklists by hand and stuffing them into a filing cabinet. With IntelliCheck™, you simply choose an option on your touchscreen and the system does the rest.

Both IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ can be interfaced to industry standard software packages, customer specific software products, or to E-Control Systems enterprise web package, FusionLive™, to provide a full turn-key solution.

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