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Press Release

Aug 01, 2008

HACCP wireless temperature monitoring seminar for School Food Services

Terry Fischer of E-CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. presents the industry leading HACCP wireless temperature monitoring solution at the School Nutrition Association 2008 Annual State Conference in Spokane, Washington.

CHATSWORTH, CA, August 1, 2008 - Terry Fischer of E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of HACCP and remote temperature monitoring hardware and software products for the School Food Services, will conduct a seminar presenting the industry leading HACCP wireless temperature monitoring system at Washington's School Nutrition Association 2008 Annual State Conference in Spokane, Washington, on 5 August 2008 at 11:45 am.

The main seminar topic is HACCP wireless temperature monitoring. The seminar will demonstrate how to cost effectively and quickly recognize a return on investment through food waste reduction, energy conservation, and labor savings.

Together with its representative Pro-Pacific Agents, E-Control Systems will be conducting ongoing live demonstrations of HACCP wireless temperature monitoring on the exhibition floor throughout the conference at Booth# 506.

E-Control Systems will also feature FusionLiveTM, the industry’s most advanced software platform for monitoring E-Control Systems IntelliProductsTM and HACCP/Food safety solutions. FusionLiveTM features its own dashboard interface, which allows full screen customization so that you can centrally monitor your IntelliProductsTM in a single view. With FusionLiveTM all your food safety, temperature monitoring, and HACCP controls are centrally managed and easy to monitor.

E-Control Systems' IntelliProductsTM and HACCP/Food safety solutions include:

  • IntelliCheckTM - A complete, web-based, handheld PDA and wireless IntelliProbeTM system for taking product temperature readings, managing and deploying HACCP inspection programs for the foodservice industry, including a corrective action system for ensuring operators fix problems upon detection
  • IntelliSenseTM - A family of low-cost, wireless temperature, door, humidity, pressure, compressor run-time operation, and leak monitoring solutions for monitoring in refrigeration and warming equipment with 24-7 alerts and HACCP reporting capabilities
  • IntelliBreakerTM - Wireless sensing device for monitoring circuit breakers and power lines to detect power outages, preventing food spoilage through prompt intervention and corrective action
  • IntelliCartTM - Wireless temperature monitoring system for food carts, portable stations and equipment used while transporting food items between various locations
  • IntelliControlTM - A web-based solution for monitoring and control of Scotsman Ice Machine units in multiple locations with Prodigy remote-access modules
  • IntelliTrackTM - A logging device for temperature data collection, ideal for monitoring temperatures during transportation, for example, from central to satellite kitchens
  • IntelliRinseTM - A pioneering, wireless dishwasher rinse temperature monitoring solution for either new or existing dishwasher upgrades
  • IntelliQuipTM - HACCP monitoring of NAFEM Data Protocol compliant foodservice equipment [i.e. combi-ovens, blast chillers, food carts, warmers, etc.]
  • IntelliMonitorTM - A solution for monitoring food temperatures at prep tables, food wells, and other stations

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