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Press Release

Jul 19, 2012

E-Control Systems releases its HACCP Temperature Management App for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad Devices

E-Control Systems, the industry leader in wireless temperature monitoring for the Healthcare and Foodservice markets, announces the release of its IntelliCheckTM HACCP Temperature Management System App for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.

SHERMAN OAKS, CA, July 19, 2012 -- E-Control Systems, the industry leader in wireless temperature monitoring systems, announces the release of its IntelliCheckTM HACCP temperature management system app for Apple iOS devices. The app is totally redesigned to work with any Apple iOS device including: iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.The IntelliCheckTM is a complete HACCP inspection system designed to automate food temperature data logging and Standard Operating Procedures ("SOP"). Users can choose either a single item mode or form item check. With the touch of a finger, the food temperature data is logged and the data is communicated instantaneously to FusionLiveTM software through the customer's existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure. The app has integrated corrective action with pull-down menu, allowing operators to fix problems as soon as they are detected.

The system incorporates a large touchscreen display allowing for easy use and viewing of the entire operation, as well as allowing the operator to execute any operation with a single key stroke, without the need to scroll through a cumbersome search process. Instant communication with FusionLiveTM monitoring software helps supervisors view the food safety process in real time and intervene to protect from a costly HACCP and/or "SOP" violation.

According to Terry Fischer, Vice President of E-Control Systems, "The new IntelliCheckTM, combined with our existing ZigBee and Wi-Fi solutions for 24/7 mobile temperature monitoring, provides the ultimate solution. The customer gets an All-In-One platform for managing the HACCP temperature data logging of food preparation and equipment such as walk-ins, reach-ins, warmers, dishwashers, and more. With a free download on your Apple device, customers can view and operate their entire food service temperature monitoring with their iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad."Whether part of a school district, hospital, restaurant, or manufacturing facility, FusionLiveTM provides far-reaching benefits for the food processing and foodservice operation. E-Control Systems' solutions facilitate HACCP documentation and compliance, ensuring food safety, preventing product loss, and eliminating labor-intensive procedures. FusionLiveTM monitors and sends alarm notifications for temperatures in food or equipment as well as door openings, humidity, refrigerant leaks, compressor run-time, power interruption, and other critical points throughout your facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the Kitchen or Cafeteria to Food Processing Facilities.

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