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FDA Track and Trace Law - Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The FDA signed the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) into law on November 27, 2013.The purpose of this law is to establish a “track and trace” system to protect the U.S. drug supply against counterfeiting and other practices that would pose a threat …
The FDA signed the Drug Supply Chain Security Act … the suspect product and notification to the FDA and any trading partners…and as a result of a group letter asking the FDA to extend the deadline for the DSCSA complia https://www.econtrolsystems.com/about-us/latest-news/2015/08/fda-track-and-trace-law-pharmaceutical-supply-chain

Farmer's Market Food Safety

With so many farmer’s markets all across the country giving consumers access to locally-grown fresh fruit, vegetables, and other grocery products, it is important to make sure you know a few things, to make sure that the food you purchase is safe.
e eggs are being stored and displayed at the FDA recommended 45 …nly buy if the canner is registered with the FDA. Because some vegetables have low acid conte https://www.econtrolsystems.com/about-us/latest-news/2015/10/farmers-market-food-safety

E-Control Systems Donates to SCSNA Annual Fundraiser

E-Control Systems, Inc. recognizes the need to give back to the community. We recently donated to the Southern California School Nutrition Association (SCSNA) Annual Fundraiser. The fundraiser serves as the main source of income to send delegates to the…