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FusionLive™ App – Apple iOS/Android

E-Control Systems’ FusionLive™ for Apple iOS and Android devices is the native client to the popular FusionLive™ Web-based software. The application is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store or the Android Marketplace. The interface was totally redesigned to allow streamlined use in any iOS or Android mobile device including: iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Food Service (HACCP Compliance/NAFEM Data Protocol)
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance)
  • Life Sciences
  • Transportation
  • Refrigeration (HVAC, Heating, Cooling)
  • Industrial
  • Asset Management and operation Cost Reduction

FusionLive™ App – Apple iOS/Android


E-Control Systems’ FusionLive™ software is an enterprise, web-based, paperless solution and software package which communicates and manages IntelliSense™, IntelliCheck™, and other 3rd party devices. Changes or updates are easily managed by automatic synchronization between FusionLive™ and any IntelliSense™ or IntelliCheck™ product. Support for 3rd party hardware and software makes FusionLive™ the software of choice for remotely monitoring anything from anywhere.

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