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Mesh Routers

E-Control Systems’ IntelliSense™ Mesh Router, also called IntelliMesh™ is a wireless repeater used to extend the distance of an IntelliSense™ wireless sensor network. Its sole function in a normal wireless system is to relay wireless data between IntelliSensors™ (Sensors) and IntelliGates™ (Gateways). If no available gateway exists, the mesh router is smart enough to relay its data to another mesh router that is closer to an available gateway. As a result, IntelliMesh™ increases the distance, redundancy, and scalability of the wireless sensor network.

Temperature and/or Contact Closure


The IntelliMesh™ is a cost effective, wireless monitoring system using the ZigBee® standard. Combining the key components of the IntelliSense™ network (IntelliSensor™, IntelliGate™, IntelliMesh™, and FusionLive™) allows easy creation of a centrally managed monitoring application.

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