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Intelligent, Flexible Family of Wireless Sensors, the IntelliSensor™ is at the heart of the IntelliSense™ system with many different types and interfaces:

  • Temperature
  • Built in Temperature and Humidity
  • 0-5 Volt
  • Contact Closure
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Differential Pressure
  • Compressor Runtime

These battery-operated, wireless sensors can be installed virtually anywhere and they eliminate the inconvenience and costs associated with running cables.

E-Control System’s IntelliSense™ system is comprised of smart, battery-operated wireless sensors that provide customers with the ability to monitor and report on many different types of equipment parameters. Each IntelliSensor™ is available using either the latest Wi-Fi technology or the 802.15.4 Zigbee® standard. Wi-Fi Sensors, ZigBee® sensors, or a combination of both may be used in a single solution. Each IntelliSensor™ is equipped with data logging capability that can store up to one week-worth of data internally.

IntelliSense Family Datasheet

Temperature and/or Contact Closure

Model TempNTC-22

The IntelliSensor™ model TempNTC is a wireless temperature and contact closure measuring device (up to 4 inputs on one module) and key component in the IntelliSense™ system. Each model allows a different combination of temperature and contact closure inputs, giving the customer flexibility and a lower cost per monitoring point.

0 to 5 Volt

Model Analog5V-40

The IntelliSensor™ model Analog5V is a wireless analog input voltage measuring device. Each model allows a different number of analog inputs to be monitored, giving the customer flexibility and a lower cost per monitoring point.

Humidity and Temperature

Model TempHum-BIP

The IntelliSensor™ model TempHum-BIP is a wireless humidity and temperature measuring device with a built in temperature and humidity sensor.

Dishwasher Final Rinse Temperature

Model Dish-11

The IntelliRinse™ is a wireless temperature and rinse cycle measuring device. Using a custom patent pending algorithm, the unit can measure the final rinse cycle water temperature. The device can report the duration of the rinse cycle and if the temperature in that cycle was hot enough to properly sanitize what is being washed.

Built in Temperature Probe

Model TempNTC-BIP

The IntelliSensor™ model TempNTC-BIP is a wireless temperature measuring device with a built in temperature sensor.

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