Temperature Monitoring 101 : What to look for in a Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature Monitoring 101 : What to look for in a Temperature Monitoring System

Sep 08, 2015

With FDA regulations becoming more strict, it’s vital that school food service departments have a reliable temperature monitoring system. The question becomes what to look for when choosing the perfect temperature monitoring system?

Obviously, a good temperature monitoring system will automatically take temperature readings and alert you when any of your temperatures go out of range. The system should be user configurable, meaning that the end user can set their own parameters, based on their needs/HACCP plans. These parameters include how often the temperatures are taken, warning threshold temperatures, critical threshold temperatures, and which users should receive which alerts.

Besides asset temperature data, the system should help you automate your other HACCP requirements, including food temperature data and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The system should offer a cloud based, hosted solution, where all of your data will be stored securely in the cloud and available for you to view from anywhere, at any time. Make sure that the secure cloud where your data is stored has server redundancy and automated system backups, ensuring that your data is never lost. Additionally, the system should allow you to take corrective actions on the spot, as well as print out any reports that are needed.

For a guide regarding implementing HACCP procedures, go to the FDA website


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